October 19, 2009

Muse Begins...


Yes... this is yet another blog adding to the spot and frankly speaking it would be nothing different from all the others which we frequently visit. It's just another attempt to present my views, a means to connect you to me in a way in which you can relate to me. I promise not to disappoint you by pushing it too hard by being unnecessarily rhetorical and trying odd sleight of hand. It will be a genuine attempt.

Today, I wish to introduce you all to "my muse". The desire and ambition that grows with each passing day. Here goes the saga of longing, dreaming and hoping...

Silver Night

Gazing out of the screen

The pearls swirling gently I see

Blue is taking that extra shade

And that spotlight there! See, it’s working for me.

I’m waiting long time

Long time for that artist, you see

He’s delaying

Delaying the work for which he’s meant to be.

I’m waiting

Waiting to be in his strokes

To blossom by his touch

And to grow into his soul.

I’m waiting

Waiting again, holding up that pose

Endless nights have passed

And here again I perfect my role.

The pearls fading gently

And the blue is brightening the shade

The spotlight meekly bidding

My silver night promises me again.


PS: Thanks to My Best Friend Anirban who encouraged me to get into blogging. This blog is the result of his faith in me.

And Thanks to Abhishek whose incredible blog inspired me to really give it a thought.

Last but not the least,Thanks to all my friends.


ABHISHEK SiM said...

splendid! i love the lines: "I’m waiting/ Waiting to be in his strokes/ To blossom by his touch/ And to grow into his soul."

thanks for joining blogosphere. i m delighted. and i m sure anwesa (didi) would love this news!

and thanks for the special mention there :D

Priyala said...

finally! I see you growing Tulika! It has always been a treat to read whatever you write. I'm sure you'll be able to seek more of yourself through this blog... writing definitely brings out that depth that we never realize. :)

Pankhuri Shrivastava said...

congratulations for this blog. I tell you after I have started writing on my blog I feel better. Publishing each post is a very soothing experience. Hope to read wonderful things here. All the best. :)

Bubbly said...

hey buddy congrats...nice work so finally ur valuable work will be recognize by evryone not just us.ur evry poem n stories that u write are a piece of art in itself,whenevr u told me ur poems n story i visulize evry bit of it as they really fantasize me....i wish u all the best 4 d blog and hope to see more good work from u.

ANWESA said...

need i say how much i loved the verse ? actually m glad u started blogging..u deserve notice baby!!!

Naina said...! its such a wonderfull poem..

shruti said...

hey ... dear...

its really a nice poem ...
with wonderfull words n meaning ....

Nikita said...

Dids..that is absolutly wonderful.. The charm which your poem exudes is magical!! This goes on to make me your ardent fan now.

nandita said...

omg! wonderful indeed! need I say more after the spate of wonderful comments u have received ?!

Anirban Chakraborty said...

CONGRATULATIONS for your blog !!!

Finally my lit gal has taken to (much awaited) blogging.

Won't comment on this poem though...u already know...can only say one thing...

the artist is yours....

aditi said...

hey dear,
this work of urs is worth appreciating....keep

Ritvik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ritvik said...

ahem ahem.... ....

palle to nahi para.....

but good.....

keep it up....

mere under seekh rahi hoo... :p

good going sister-blister...

Tulika said...

@ Abhishek:

Thank You :)

@ Priyala:

Yes Priyala.. I'm growing... I've got fabulous friends like you who have encouraged me always... It's all buddiee power. ;)

Welcome dear.. I hope not to disappoint you. And yes, I completely buy your point .. this is giving a vent to my thoughts.

@ Bubbly:
Haan .. abb sabb pakengey :P (seedhe lafzon me..he he)

@Anwesa di:
Thanks a lot. I really appreciate all the encouragement and warmth I've received from you.

@ Naina:

Thanks buddy :)
You are among my first readers I remember.

Tulika said...

@ Shruti:

Welcome dear.

@ Nikita:

Thanks :)

@ Nandita:

I'm so glad that you are here.
Welcome buddy.

@ Aditi:

Thank You dear...
Thanks for reading.

@ Ritvik:
Yeah bro.. bahut kuchh seekha hai tujhse. The Shakespeare in you helped me a lot. :P

@ Artist:

Yes... The Artist is mine. :)