November 28, 2009

God's Gimmick !!!

God tip-toes into my room, stands beside the curtain and looks at me for quite sometime. Out of the corner of my eye I’ve seen him coming but I pretend to be involved. For those who have not actually noticed him of late, let me tell you, he’s keeping it really casual these days with kool message T’s and faded jeans, hair slightly cropped this time and yatra line chappals giving it an altogether subtle appearance. I guess he’s a little annoyed with Hrithik for imitating him in Kites but it doesn’t really matter as he always loves to bring a change but now since they are aping quickly it’s taxing enough.*Brady says he parks his Harley down the lane but as I’ve not spotted it in a long time, I reckon he uses public transport these days for it doesn’t attract too much attention and also that he can reach out to masses. My virtue suggests the former but Economic Weekly calls it “recession”.

He quietly moves to the bed and places a blue envelope and briskly moves out. Stopping by the door suddenly, he glances back and smiles. I ignore the envelope for a while, I know I’ve been behaving stubbornly all the while and so with a heavy heart I pick it and fiddle with it. Yet another “Things to do” reminder it would be, I thought. Each unchecked box counts for a task piled up and the list swells up every week.

By now he should know that I would plainly read it and it did be procrastinated again, like always but I hate his optimism.

Dejected I opened the envelope and I Find Nothing- it’s empty!

I scour it completely.

No list this time. No work assigned?

“Oh no! How is that possible? He can’t stop expecting out of me. I was about to start this time, really.” I uttered. Devastated, I cry, I shout, I plead.

“One chance, last chance, please God”, I continue to plead.

“Now, it’s your last chance”, I hear somebody calling.

“Listen Tuli, last time really, I’m asking you to get up or you will be late for college.” Mom shouted from the kitchen.

I open my eyes.

“Heck! It was a dream. Scary!” I mumbled wiping the sweat on my forehead letting out a sigh of relief.

But to my horror there was an envelope by my pillow- the blue envelope. I felt goose bumps all over and the nape of my neck was set on fire. Extremely jittery, I opened it slowly-

“Things To Do”, it read.

The note had just too many unchecked boxes. Each box doubled the surge of joy.

“God’s Gimmick?” I wondered. Noble gimmick though but pretty unusual and darn scary. Was he watching a lot of twist in the tale movies these days?

God has his own ways I had heard but now God has new ways? Anyways it delighted me to see that he still hadn’t lost faith in me. I let out a squeal of laughter; jumping out of the bed I chimed-

“Loads to do. Get to work baby!!!”

PS: I Hope you are regularly working on your Blue envelopes.

*Brady- Joan Brady, writer of God on a Harley.


ABHISHEK SiM said...

Lol! Cool I must say...

Poorva said...

awesum! d vry depiction of "God" made me left amazed.beautifull verbiage i must say..i think Hrithik needs to learn a lot frm God abt his style

Ritvik said...

hmm.....GOD seems to b a dude....quit nice....i hav a bucket full of blue envelopes...hehe....

ur step towards writing stories looks 2 b a good i expected ....

keep rocking...

Thousif Raza said...

on my blue envolope, i am working sort off, thx for reminding

1st timer and loved the post, very awesomely written :)

take care and keep writing..............

Tulika said...

@ Thousif Raza :

Thanks a lot.

Welcome to Muse Memoir.I hope to offer you a good read.


Bubbly said...

god....i love the god.......and wat an awesome story....thumbs up:)

Bubbly said...

ye tune hi likhi he na??....kidding....seriously its awesome...

ANWESA said...

Oh!!! I've got a tankful of those envelopes i guess !