November 16, 2009

Paper planes... zOOM !!!

(9th grade)

(cascaded through benches)

Dear Tulika,

How are you? I’m fine, “no thank you”.

I’m writing this letter just to clarify that I am not the one who gave your name for the kho-kho team. I was smiling only to trick you.

Anyways, all the best.

Lots of love,



(10th grade)

(cascaded, paper planed)

Hi Tulika,

How r u? I am very fine, *thank you.

This is my new register so I thought what could b d best way 2 inaugurate than writing a letter 2 u.

I was telling u dat u could come over today so dat v can eat the ice cream.

Tata, Bye- Bye, Au revoir, lal salam, Adios, Amigos.

G- great




I- intelligent.

... ...

My reply:

*( Red letters: I corrected the letter and handed over a 2/10.)

Very well. I will think over it and accept the invitation.


Great Tulika

... ...

>>From Gauri:

I wrote such a nice letter and all I get is 2/10. I am ashamed of u.

Pls don’t check the paper like Venu mam.

Ok Bye

U fool.


(10th grade)

(sent via tuition mate)

Dearest Tulika,

I came to know that u were missing me. That’s no problem, we are meeting day after tomorrow. Even I was missing U. Ok.. see u.





(10th grade)

(Last page of my school diary)

Dearest Tulika,

My thoughts about u are straight forward. U r cute, very sweet and u have lovely hair. U are a very good & a loyal friend. U tell me what is right & what is wrong. [BOSS……]

You also are the biggest foodoholic like I & Neha. I am glad to have a friend like u. I hope you get your dream boy [HARRY].I will convince him to come to u.

Best of luck for ur future. My best wishes are always with u.

Lots of Love,



(10th grade)

(Last page of my school diary)

Dear Tulika,

You are a beautiful girl with good nature, you have very nice hair, good writing. My sister also likes you.

But sometimes you sound bad.You take too much tension.

And you two are addicted to food so much especially my upma that you don’t care for me.

Best of luck for your future plans.

Neha :)


PS: Yesterday I found my old diary and from there dropped some letters- soulful washes on paper planes.

Yes, these are some friends who made the first one and half decade of my life glorious. Paper planes launched for me, bits that cascaded through rows, benches and also sent via messengers for we missed each other so much if either was on a leave. I still have those paper planes, tit-bits, love letters and not to forget the hot red roses which were given on friendship’s day (A special mention to Sama and Nikita who gave them to me which I was afraid to take back home).

Thanks Gauri, Naina, Isha, Neha, Priya, Trisha, Tanvi, Priyala, Nehul, Nikita, Pankhuri, Nandita, Meenal, Divya, Aditi, Suruchi and the other beauties for touching my life in most special way. Love You all...



Anirban Chakraborty said...


Gave me goosebumps...
Truely, school life is the best part of one's life....
School days form the sweetest and long lasting memories...
The post reminded me of my own Campion.

Initially while reading the first para...I thought that the whole idea of paper planes is so silly and girly....but when i concluded....I almost had tears in my eyes.

Really wonderful, straight out of a fairy tale.

ANWESA said...

"Mujhe lauta do mera woh bachpan..
woh kagaz ki kashti,woh baarish ka paani..."

Was reminded of this song while reading the post...

I wish I could turn time back into those innocent,bubbly days of life...where there was joy,mirth and much more...

P.S.: Simu (Abhishek Sim) was a part of my school days.

PRIYALA said...

its touching. :)

and i see my name there :D
love you lots... this is the best time to say that "thanks for making my days in school special".

Tulika said...

@ Lattu:


@ Anwesa di:

hmm.. ya.. all the time yesto we were discussing about the joy of being a child and simultaneously I was working on this post. Thanks for wishing me on one of the best days of the year. Kiddo power !!!

@ Priyala:

Hw can I forget you dear..? We have managed some of the silliest fights difficult to hold even for a 2nd grader.
And Priyala... remember who's the Pinocchio..??? :P
(Nw m gonna b killed) :D

Naina said...

brought back a lot of memories.. reminded me of all the great times we have had in school..
nice post!:)

Tulika said...

@ Hail Pirates !

Thanks Naina.

Yes... can't forget our "popat chip".


PRIYALA said...

yeah! <_< u sure are gonna GET SOME! its been a while hainaaaa :P

nandita said...

arey....i see my name there too :)
Thanks Tuli!!!!! love u loadssss...

ABHISHEK SiM said...

sweet... :)

Raina said...

2/10 ws a judgement of great nicety.....
he he he.. :D
realy da...bougt ma school days memos...

Tulika said...

@ Priyala:

LOL, yaa..I havn't been getting of late. :P

@ Nandita:
U shud have been surprised if u cudnt find ur name there. Love you too.. :)

@ Abhishek:
Thanks :)

@ Raina:

Yaa.. missing school :(