January 22, 2010

A Gift Post...

Unhurried Footsteps on Moonlit Path

There was time- enough time for them both before the sun rose. This night was theirs. He had traveled more than half the country's length to see her and she had sneaked out of her home after midnight to see him.

She was a bit nervous as she waited. Someone walked in from the darkness. Anxious eyes searched the other's face. The joy of recognition - a sudden twinkle in their eyes. A smile broke on their faces which narrowed a bit as if to ask: "how are you?", but then it grew wider unrestrained like the gushing flood water. Yes it was flood indeed - of emotions - never had they imagined they would meet like this! They were thrilled! Absolutely overjoyed!

For a split second they couldn't decide what to say for they had so many things to say all at once.

He was the first who spoke:

"Miss Nautanki - "

"Haat! I am not talking. Is this a time to meet?"

"Theek hai. I am going back then."

"Oyee - ruk toh! Mein to awevi bol diya.."

"Mein itney dur sey aya - tujhe awevi lagta hai?"

"Arey nehein..."

Before she could say anything: "Ab chup! Pata hi hoga tera naam nautanki kyun rakha hai?".

More smiles. They weren't those sophisticated lovers, you know, who need to present expensive gifts to profess love. For them just being together was enough!

Smiles grew to laughs that reverberated the silent night. At first she was a bit like: "Don't you laugh so loud - others might listen". But eventually his charm did the trick - she was laughing uncontrollably at his silly "useless" jokes. Useless is in quotes because that’s what she called them.

Talks were varied. It hardly had anything to do with love. They talked about the coffee shop, the drying lake, the traffic, their classes, their frustrations, their joys, their lives... Far away the city lights twinkled. Nothing had changed except that two people now were no more two.

They walked, in silence. For not always they needed words to talk. A smile would suddenly creep their face like a flash illuminating their pretty faces as they would have remembered something very embarrassing that had happened to them. And they continued to walk weighing the words carefully before speaking. One of them was a poet you know!

They seemed to be mesmerized. Life was enchanting. Life seemed like spirit inside a bottle - intoxicating, volatile. They wanted to enjoy every minute as dawn approached. Yet like spirit in the bottle time was vaporizing fast and they tried but in vain to catch falling sand with their hands.

Train at 8:30. He has to leave. Never had he felt more helpless - he wished time would freeze.

Byes are indeed a difficult thing.


As the train speed past the forests he stood at the door, air gushing past him, his eyes cast leeward. She walked home in disbelieve - she actually met him and he left already! She was shaken.

PS: This comes from a special friend and my favorite blogger- Abhishek.I’m so glad that he dedicated this post to me. A real life fairy tale that shows his eloquence at powerful and vivid expression of sentiments. Best Story I’ve ever read.

Worthy of all praise, can’t thank him enough.


manjiT said...

a girlfriend who doesnt take expensive gifts is always an asset.
jes kidding
i hope it comes out of fairy tale coz a day or rather night like that is worth dying for...

~NeeR~ said...

great one.........indeed.....

Thousif Raza said...

so this is abhisheks story or urs?

but whoever has written it, has written it very well, the emotions as you said speak for themselves, really good :)

take care and keep writing..........

TULSYAN said...

tuku u makin me an addict of sm gr8 master pieces....

well, i need to say nt jus one of the two is a poet, the other is none less!!!!

correction: "except" been typed as "expect"....!!!!

TULSYAN said...

and i agree completely wid manjit...i long for such an asset and m getting jealous of mr.

Ritvik said...


wat more can i say...!!

ABHISHEK SiM said...

Thanks :)

Suresh Kumar said...

Nice... Kash Is raat ki subah na hoon.... But then the sun must have got jealous of them and came a bit early itself....

Reminds me of that romantic movie Before Sunrise where they talk on different subjects...

Tulika said...

@ Manjit:


@ Neer:

Yes, a great one. Laudable work by Abhishek. :)


Its written by Abhishek. I agree with your comment totally.

@ Tusyan:
I guess this is Anchit. Thanks for pointing to the erratum.

And Thank you so much for all those beautiful words.

@ Ritvik:
Thanks bhai. :)

@ Suresh Kumar:

Interesting! :)

@ Sim:
Thank You So Much. You deserve every bit of appreciation. I'm so glad to flaunt away this crackerjack here. Endless Thanks .. :)

Divya said...

the words chosen were so lovely and so deeep :)

i can relate the story to mine a bit :)

ANWESA said...

I guess I've read it before.So it acted as a sweet reminder.

Simu,you brought all emotions alive.Your angel is blessed,totally.

Destiny's child... said...

That was simply beautiful :)