February 27, 2010

Imagination Lost…!!!


Feelings and  desires
Shaping my thought.
A quest to pen it down,
And  all of a sudden my imagination is lost. 

A lump in my head ,
Growing bigger and bigger.
The  gun is loaded ,
But there’s a glitch in the trigger.

I am helpless,
My heart writhes whilst.
The mind hunts for words,
Together they fight for zilch. 

I write three words,
Cutting two of them next.
With the remaining left,
Outlandish it is, I still wish to finish the text. 

I recall those days,
When my words had much more to it.
The water gurgled, birds chirped
And I could write the whole world in ink. 

Now knowing I will never capture the finale,
I escape the infinite cost.
Converting my travail to trash,
The ink flux ceasefire as my imagination is lost.

ps: This was written 2 years ago and again not because I wanted to write it but because I had to write something which I couldn't finally come up with. Strange are the vents of creativity.I will define it as a moment of creative atyachaar.


Nalini Hebbar said...

Writers block...when you come out of it, you write better

Suresh Kumar said...

Felt the same way today when I had to end a blog post... But then a good friend helped...

But again.. very well written... cud feel the creative atyachar....

ABHISHEK SiM said...

Writer's block perhaps is mass-less...!! You were too graceful even with that lump on your head.

wow-lines for me:

"I am helpless,
My heart writhes whilst.
The mind hunts for words,
Together they fight for zilch."

and the last line made me LOL like crazy ("The ink flux ceasefire as my imagination is lost.") - Seen those pranksters who have big innocent eyes and they say: "Nehein mujhe toh kuch bhi nehein pata"?

EKLAVYA said...

Halla Bol-Halla Bol
is atyachar ke khilaf Halla Bol
hhehehhehe nice of ur best writeups..
keep it up dear..:)

ANWESA said...

One of the most creative writers' block I've ever seen...

For the want of imagination,
A writer is lost.

(That was an impromptu one-liner :P)

anubhavb said...


Any writer who reads this poem would envy you for your writer's block. :P

Priya Joyce said...

ahemmm...I wish u hav more n more blocks and hindrances like that and we get to read much better creative stuffs than this :)

this was awesome..
one of ur bests..

~NeeR~ said...
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~NeeR~ said...

You were best that time also. Didn't you?

Its like an old wine....more mature and great...

Tulika said...

@ Nalini ma'm:

Thanks for reading.

@ Suresh Kumar:
Creative atyachar.. yaa.. lol
Thanks. :)

@ Sim:
Oyye.. itna analysis..? :D
Great, thanks. :)

@ Vivek:
Halla BOL.
LOL. Funny.

Thanks a lot. :)

Tulika said...

@ Anwesa di:
For the want of imagination,
A writer is lost.

Kya baat hai..!:D

Thanks. :)

@ Anubhav:
LOL. Envy me..? If sbdy saw my condition writing this one; pitiable!

@ Joyce:
Thanks you so much.
I'm delighted.

@ Neer:
Now what can I say to that..?
"Yes, I was the best." LOL

Thank you so muchhh !!!

TULSYAN said...

whilst i read it,
i had a lot to comment
whilst i type this,
fingers search for the letters
and mind screams