July 8, 2010

Utopia It Is…

Today he’s laughing
Today’s he’s enjoying
Full of life, full of love
A day of his puppets
Reflects his verve.

A perfect day planned for them
A classic you see begins;
They yearned for it
So out of reach it seemed
But today they are living their dream.

The subtle fragrance of incense and flowers
Gently wafts in the breeze
Yes truly this is
How it begins!

Purity of hearts
Serenity of minds
That’s how the utopian mates
Were puppets divine.

Gurgling water splashing over stones
The bubbles dance, sings that song
Of the joy that each moment holds
The endless tale of eternal bliss
Putting life to lifeless
Utopia it is…

Making way through those slippery stones
A quest to capture moments so fine
Those cheers and floating laughter
Gawd! It’s all so hard to define.

The melted chocolate
Slaking the souls
Both of them
Enjoying the luxury of their roles
The air of togetherness
Raising the spirits
And those silly attempts to startle, amuse and tease
Aah! Utopia it is…

The master rejoices
For putting up such a fine show
With a heavy heart he drops the curtain
And his tears of joy begins to pour

But the magic of this day will never cease
That’s why we say
Utopia it is
Utopia it is…


ANWESA said...

I loved the pic a lot. A lot actually means A LOT.

Needless to say,I loved the poem too.

Avi said...

Very seasoned poesy, congrats!

these lines are classic
"Purity of hearts
Serenity of minds
That’s how the utopian mates
Were puppets divine."

Thousif Raza said...

you know couple of lines in the poem took my breath away... i was sighing... and strange calm feeling took over my heart....its a great poem as always... a masterpiece.... :)

take care and keep writing..........

Suresh Kumar said...

Lovely poem...
And edhey tumbi haaduveni (kannada) means singing with a content heart as u have done here in the poem :)

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

A nice pic.. the poem is beautiful as it begins in the start
A day of his puppets...

Excellent Tulika beautiful well done :)

ABHISHEK SiM said...

Bhimbetka! :D

i loved these two lines
"That’s how the Utopian mates
Were puppets divine."

This is absolutely beautiful..!

Tulika said...

@ Anwesa di:
Thanks a lot.
Your comments are always a delight.

@ Avi:
Thank you so much.
I'm glad that you liked it.

@ Thousif:
Welcome Back.
Thanks a lot.
Hw did ur exams go?

@ Suresh:
Oh Lovely !
I'm delighted to hear that.

@ Mann:
Thank you so much.
This verse actually means a lot to me.
:) :)

@ Sim:
You are here after a long time. :)

And, it's Bhojpur.

Thanks a lot. :)

Anirban Chakraborty said...

The magic of that day will never cease to exist.


I love You.

Tulika said...

@ Lattu:

I Love You Too :)