January 28, 2011

Never to be visited again…

I won’t write me anymore
It’s as if I pretend
Scribbling unnecessary mirth
Or pouring down exaggerated woes.

Such a show-off
Drawing attention
I make you laugh
When I’m overjoyed
I inflict you with same.

I describe things
That leaves you stuck

I complicate things
Leaving it worded
Entangled in close knit of ideas
I put forward a brief state
And that is;

Never to be visited again…

ps: This blog isn't shutting down ! Paradoxical you may say.


anubhavcam said...

I can definitely associate with the poem... This might sound hypocritical, but don't stop writing!

I guess all your readers would agree that you're an amazing and gifted wordsmith - so I do hope the doubts and emotions in the poem are a result of you pretending to harbor the same.

p.s. - and yeah it's amazing how a poem about a reluctance to write can be so well written...

Anwesa said...

:) Reminds me of a song which says "Gaana mere bas ki baat nahin, sur aur taal ka saath nahin.....".

The Peripatetic Nomad said...

First thing first: thanks for the ps

Not many of us have what it takes to be able to self-criticize... Lovely work

Not related but I was somehow reminded of the frantic mugging the night before the exams and never visiting those ideas ever again in life...

Thousif Raza said...

hmm, well you tried to say something and i guess u have succeeded in saying so, says abt many emotions this one... i liked it :)

take care and keep writing.........

Tulika said...

@ Anubhav:

I blinked several times after reading this comment of yours. I was too stunned to respond to anyone at that time, after writing this post and reading the comments. Now that I am out of that disorientation though still in one of a different kind I can manage to bring out sth.

I hope I make some sense.

@ Anwesa di:

Yeah, LOL. I get it.

@ Nomad:
Not related;

He was looking as if hum uski hawa breathe kar ke jaa rahe hain.


@ Thousif:

Thanks a lot ! Keep reading :)