March 6, 2011

One more time


I flared a smile,
Met by contempt
 You looked down at me.

I did everything
Explained you frantically
You didn’t believe.

You said things
I was hurt
You were hurt.

Did things end?
One more time...
ps: To my Bestest Friend.


Anwesa said...

Something stung me as I read it. A different post from your usual self.
Nice attempt :)

Anirban said...

Stunned, awestruck, ashamed !!!

This is the best piece of writing I have ever read !!
An absolute masterpiece !

Easily your best poem till date.
Phenomenal !

"Did things end ?
Yes, One more time."

Can there be better poetry than this.
I doubt.

Tulika said...

@ Anwesa di:

ha ha.. ya I know. Different definitely.

Thanks for praising my li'l efforts. :)

@ Lattu:

Overjoyed absolutely ! I'm so luckyyy !

ps: Kitna ladaku hai tu ! :P

No-mad said...

The awesome-st part is indeed the last two lines!

Premsingh said...
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Bubbly said...

" one more time " i can't tell you i literally had tears after reading this poem....'amazing' all i can say....

u hav a god gift to pen down evry emotion into a beautiful poetry.....

keep it up yar.....luv ya....:-)

Pooja said...

I so loved the poem. Skillful poetess you are! :)

Bikramjit said...

Ohh that is so sad why does it have to happen that way always ...

take care


Saras said...

Hmmmm.... Could sense the Trauma.You have the uncanny knack of portraying every emotion!

दीपशिखा वर्मा / DEEPSHIKHA VERMA said...

Lovely, this is how friends behave . ... esp a girl.

TULSYAN said...

hey tuku,

returned to muse after a long time, just to find no new post for over a couple of months, and to add to it, the last three posts being in 45 days, and all of them being SAD!

kya hua re? cm'on cheer up, and remember, muse was made not to stop writing bt to enhance ur writing...

on a different note, salute to the quality of ur work! awesome work dear, bt would like to read more of it in near future!!