December 5, 2011

Black Magic

Everything fails here
Fails utterly
Fails bitterly...

The confessions that I seek to make
Are so dark
Perhaps the ink would read
Only black.

The magic that amused once
Now torments the very soul
With the name that it is given;

I still love it
As nothing will change now;
For what I have is black,
What will remain is black.


Bikramjit said...

hmmmmmmm.. BLACK is good too.. what will other colors be without a BLACK..

plus these days I like black too and am trying to be black:) change myself


No-mad said...


Tulika said...

@ SiM: Your comment is like, in the moments of utter despair you sing a song and sbdy cheers, "encore"! Liked it.

Tulika said...

@ Bikram:

Black is beautiful indeed.Nothing grows on it. :)

D.Martin said...

Black is Beautiful

Avi said...

Just loved the lat two lines !! :)

Naina said...

WOW :)