March 22, 2012


Crimson hues
Trickling down from the very being
Fresh it is
And growing deep
Intrinsic... Pure...

The silvers chime
Striking melodies
Of numerous joys.
The ornate attire
Depicting the bliss
Is a display of patterns within.

Infinite emotions sprout
From a restless soul
Yet tranquilized by a magical silence around
That leaves no space for words.


Bikramjit said...

good to see a post after ages .. how you doing

a beautiful poem


Tulika said...

Heyy !!

Glad to see you.. yeah, ages ! Afflicted with formal education I guess. :( Also there happened to be a block.

Thank you so much for appreciating. I hope to be more spontaneous now...

Avi said...

Nice one, loved the last paragraph ! Reminds me of my poem 'From a bridegroom's diary'

keep writing :)