December 16, 2009


Let me introduce you all to a guy called “Brat.”

When Brat was 4, he was sent to Convent.

Curiosity to light a matchstick and study how a flame works, Brat ended up burning away the curtains of his class teacher’s room.

He was expelled.

Another school, Brat now 6, while playing he pushed a fellow mate into the well. The child was later rescued.

He was now sent to government school.

In desperation to be able to wear spectacles, for he found them so smart, he looked through a magnifying lens to the sun to weaken his eye sight.

Dangerously smart!

Always up to some mischief, he would purposely bump into people standing by the verandah. Scornful and disgusted they would be seen cursing him ceaselessly.

A decade later, Brat was already part of communist movement while his fellow mates sat mugging for matric exams.

Another decade passes, Brat, a 9 pointer came as a gold medalist from one of India’s premier institutes.

Brat is now a happily married guy, father of two and an erudite.


PS: Brat is my Dad.

PPS: Brat is called “Genius” now.


Anirban Chakraborty said...

And one thing I have seen personally, about BRAT is...

He is very very good at heart.

Love you Brat..!!!

Long live Dad .

ANWESA said...

Hello(more of a Namaste) Brat!

You've got a daughter who writes so sweetly about you.

I stopped at this line...for a moment or so..
**Brat was already part of communist movement while his fellow mates sat mugging for matric exams.

It was a lovely read.

P.S.: Reminds me of the funny incidents that my "Brat" did.Of course,I wasn't born then :P :P heard it from grandma :P

Ritvik said...


our dad's stud yaar,...!!

Brat was already part of communist movement while his fellow mates sat mugging for matric exams.

This is the Best part.


Suresh Kumar said...

Gosh... first i thought u were writing abt urself.. then seeing the gender i thought its abt ur boyfriend

and the ending was really nice....

hmm... is he still mischievous or has he passed on the genes to his daughters :)

Suree said...


i thought you r writing about some scientist who invented most valuable thing.. but at the end u revealed it as ur father...

try to achieve more then him,bratKid..:D

Tulika said...

@ Suresh:

Alas! Brat is such a non Brat now and those Brat genes were recessive I guess, as I’m more of a Daddy’s girl. :D

@ Suree:

Bratkid… LOL

Yaa…Brat’s a social scientist, poet, critic, working prolifically in the field of literature.

Tulika said...

@ Lattu:

Yeah… Long live Dad.

@ Anwesa di:

Brat tales are so popular. :D
Thanks, it’s great you liked it.

@ Ritvik:

Yeah dear.

Brat Rocks !!! :)

Priya Joyce said...

wahh...Ur dad is a star :):)

he rocks :)

Thousif Raza said...

thats was so cool of an intro, and so cool of a climax.... brat is way cooler and smarter i agree completly ji

and to have such good of a daughter for a writer, brat ji is very very lucky

reminds me incidents of my 'brat' who in college used to wash clothes with lifebouy, so they wouldn't spoil and would smell
'smart' post ya ;)

take care and keep writing.........

RRN said...

i am thrilled at the notion of being able to read more on your blog.

i really enjoyed reading this . it brought many an interesting thought to the surface of my mind and i do thank you for that.


Tulika said...

@ Priya Joyce:

Welcome dear!
Thanks a lottt!!

Dad's are true starzzz, I agree. B-)

@ Thousif:
Brat Ji.. LOL
Good one. :D
Lifebuoy :D Defn now, Brat tales are so popular.:)
And, Thanks a lottt!!

@ RRN:

I'm So glad to have you here.
In fact all praise to you, I loved your poems. Masterpiece... must say !

And Thanks a lot !

Chandrika Shubham said...

Unique style of writing about father!
Enjoyed reading it.:)
Best wishes.

The Holy Lama said...

Simply beatiful way to introduce Daddy dear. Your crisp style of writing will surely take you to greater heights.:)

prajyot said...

he he...i agree with suree..i too thought this was some story of noble prize post

Tulika said...

@ Chandrika:

I guess it’s not some unique style, it's just that the uniqueness of the subject did all the trick.
Thanks a lot.

@ The Holy Lama:

Thanks for your wishes.
Frankly speaking, you bring in some “Mystic” feel.
Great to have you here.

@ Prajyot:

I’m glad to offer a good read.
Welcome to Muse Memoir.

Destiny's child... said...

You must add:
PPS: Brats daughter is making brat even more popular! ;)

That was a nice one Tulika, interestign read! :)

willdiehard said...

Nice Blog.. Pl do visit my blog..

Saraswathan said...

Tulika, your Dad is a Star! BTW your blog is beautifully designed! God Bless.

Tulika said...

@ Destiny's child...

I’m just too trivial to make Brat popular. As a matter of fact, it’s Brat who is catching people’s attention. I’m bagging all the appreciation because of him. He has taught me to write.
And yes, thanks for those beautiful words.
Good to have you here.
Welcome To Muse Memoir.


Sure. I did love to.

@ Saraswathan:

Thanks you so Muchh !!
And thanks for the compliment; I’m still working on the design.
Glad to have you.


ABHISHEK SiM said...

LOL! It is the small affirmatives of the great men that makes them more lovable, more adorable. Every dad is a hero. My dad is also for me.

(p.s.: I was literally rofl when i coined this: "Kyun ki dad bhi kabhi brat tha".. )

ABHISHEK SiM said...

and yes blazing curtains, sun through lens - wow - if such a movie be ever made i would name it: "the making of genius"

Tulika said...

@ SiM:

Kyun ki dad bhi kabhi brat tha

LOL.. I shud have consulted u for da title. Too good !!!

And yaa, Every Dad is a Brat oops .. Hero !!! B)