December 11, 2009

Various Verses…


Reflected me

It shone my beauty

That Thespian hero gazed into the pool

But you lured me into those two

I plunged

I drowned

I lived.


No you haven’t told me

In dull, insipid words

But I could listen

In your silence

Or read between those words

Which were left fumbling

For me to ponder…


Thick blue mist hovered

Nebula threw up that genie

And he asked me to make three.

I wished you

I wished you

I wished you.

He told me I wasted two.

I replied, he wasted three.

He smiled and moved on…

Image Illustration: Painting by Anirban Chakraborty.

Oil pastel, 2002, took about a month’s time. One of Artist’s personal favourites, mine as well.


ANWESA said...

First of all, I loved the image illustration. Convey my wishes to him. Its wonderful !

Coming to the verses...
(1)I plunged
I drowned
I lived.

These lines took my breath away..literally.

(3)I replied, he wasted three.

Again,left me wordless....

Lovely post !! I mean every word here is so Wow !!

Ritvik said...

wat was dat language?? :O

3rd one was gr8....

The painting is awesome...
I lyked the painting more than the poem...

I might lyk the poem some i get to know the foreign language... :D

Thousif Raza said...

the painting is really good...

1st oneis great with a great meaning... i loved it

2nd is great...

but its the 3rd which took my breath away... its fabulous.. i mean it took my breath away.... loooooooooooooooved it....

awesome :)

take care and keep writing.........

Tulika said...

@ Anwesa di :

Thanks a lottt, I'm glad that m nt a doctor as I love to say this. "I loved taking your breath away."
Profuse Thanks.

@ Ritvik:

Bro.. Thanks..huhh.. I take the comparative comment as a compliment anyways.. Things seem to work when you dont understand 'em. Thanks for being my lucky (:P) charm in the most unusual way.
Love to see you here (unpaid). :P

@ Thousif:

Thanks, thanks and thanks.
I'm glad to offer a good read.
3rd one is magic for me too.

ABHISHEK SiM said...

paintbrush has one wish - the touch of the artist... poor genie should been wiser :)

ANCHIT said...

1. Tough job that I undertook
Was to comment on your work
But I neva knw the fatal result
I plunged
I drowned
I went deeper n deeper
And now I lose………….
………to comment on ur work is a fool’s task, ‘coz ne smart prsn vl b left speechless aftr reading u…….

2. No am nt gonna tell u
Either in words or emotions
Bt make sure to understand
Or read between the words
Which were NEVER spoken
For u to muse

3. Tuku, to ur reply to my last comment, I wud like to say u that ‘its tough to gather words to praise the class of Dan Brown, bt its impossible to even think of praising the class of Shakespeare…’
This verse of urs, put u in the later class, & henceforth m sorry, that I cant comment on ur work this time as well………..

Tulika said...

@ Sim:

:D Rito !!!

@ Anchit:

:O :O :O

Wat was dat..???
The comment exceeded the post.
I'm so overwhelmed.
You have valued it that much.. Thanks... Can't thank you enuff !!!


RRN said...

my heart skipped a beat while reading this.

powerful and minced into tiny little pieces of overwhelming passion.


ANCHIT said...

though the comment xceeded the original post, there was no comment in it..........