December 29, 2009

Nothing But Love

She wanted nothing but love

She desired nothing but love

She seeked nothing but love

Nothing, nothing but love.

She lived for him

Transforming to his ways

Was molding all her wax

To be his soul mate.

Her world was confined to him

But to her it was infinite

She often said it aloud:

“Me and my world, rest I don’t care about.”

But unfortunate winds blew

And times turned sour

Getting hold of a better plan

He excused himself to make a new start.

A myriad questions

Swelled up her tears

Not complaining the least

She thought the problem lied in her.

She lost her world

And was bidding goodbye to all

But now she too had to

Move on, move on…

Losing her soul

She had to be wise

And so embracing the heaven

She closed her eyes.

The boy there realizes his mistake

He then rushes back to apologize

Deciding he would hand himself to her

To punish him as badly as she feels like.

Picking up her favorite flowers

He reaches her home

Just to find her soulless body

Coming out of the door.

Devastated on his knees

He cries out aloud

Writhing for forgiveness

But the heartless girl, she would not speak out.

Seeing his girl in no mood of avenge

His penance, he himself decides

To live as a guilty man forever

And remember his ugly face till he dies.

50 years later, he sits in his courtyard

Remorsing a story bygone

“Once upon a time there lived a girl

Who asked nothing but love, nothing but love.”


Thousif Raza said...

i visualised everythign, and i felt pain, really it hurt me deeply, it was just like a pack of photgraphs turning up, you have your way with words tulika, brilliant*2 is all i can say :)

take care and keep writing.............

prajyot said...

well...u made me remembered Anand movie..!!

Cool post huh..!! i liked it a lot

Priya Joyce said...

Why people make such mistakes which hurts others so much that they take their life..

It ws reely painful t go through this..

Awesome way of narrating..

~NeeR~ said...

It was deep sad.........amazingly written.....Showed both faces of life......well

keep writing



ANCHIT said...

u r upto the mark again.......

wonderful piece......

but a question arises in my mind: y do either of the two ends his/her life at such an incident????

Suresh Kumar said...

Nice poem cum story.... The pain in her and his guilty feeling has been beautifully brought out....

Keep it penning....

ANWESA said...

Reminded me of "The tale of a jinxed fairy" (written by me sometime back).

Its really a sad tale...a tale of love...and life.

~PakKaramu~ said...

Happy new year to you

Usha Pisharody said...

Haunting... and the muse you have in these memoirs, shared, is beautiful too...

Happy New year... and thank you for the kind words, and the visit at my space!

Bikram said...

So true.. hopefully someone wud read this in 50 years of time "Once upon a time there lived a BOY Who asked nothing but love, nothing but love."

EXcellent.. BRAVO.. beautiful.. nothing I say will do justice to the sentiments and your narration..

Keep writing and take care

Tulika said...

@ Thousif:

Thanks for all the appreciation.

@ Projyot:

Thanks again.

@ Priya:

True. It's deeply sad.
Thanks for reading.

@ Neer:
Thank u for all ur wishes

@ Anchit:
Difficult one indeed..!

@ Suresh:

Thank u.. Guilt and pain are abominable. and together... they are such a disaster.

@ Anwesa di:

The tale of a jinxed fairy. yes, I so loved it. Beautiful expression it is.
Thanks a lottt.

@ Usha Pisharody:

Thanks for paying a lovely visit.
You are welcome to Muse Memoir.

Thank you.

@ Bikram:
Thanks for all those encouraging words.

Thank you so Much !!

Chandrika Shubham said...

I will say "Nothing But praises" for this awesome story told in poetic way. :)

Happy New Year.

ABHISHEK SiM said...

depressing. and a hundred pricking questions.

anubhavb said...

as Sim said - depressing...
beautiful but depressing...