January 5, 2010

Wasted Wings…

Gazing out of that snug nest
Long days
It ached.

Life, they say
Fun, freedom, frolic
Just a flight away…

And I escape

The cool air gushed into my lungs
Wings seem to blossom in yellow delight.
Miles and miles of vast expanse lay
I had to show all
The glory of my frame.

And then
Frailty inflicted
Fatigued I sunk
My lungs were weak
And low
I droop.

They didn’t say
It was tough
To go alone, unguided
This lonesome air exhausts me now.

No sense of direction
I know not, to get back
I’m a slave
Of my freedom.

Forlorn, failed
Wasted wings trembled…

Curse ‘em
They fooled
Brought me out
Peeling off the innocent mirth.

“I’ll teach you how to fly, child.”
I wish Mom wasn’t unheeded...


manjiT said...

happy new year tulika... a change is always welcomed, not necessarily a colossal.

Thousif Raza said...

you alwayz amaze me, i was expecting something else, you gave me complety different than i expected... :)

take care and keep writing........

prajyot said...

happy new that a image of you have created it?

Suresh Kumar said...

Nice poem... this reminded me another song of Kailash Kher...

toote toote ek parinda aisa toote ke phir udna paya...

Your poem seems the prequel to that one :)

Keep penning such wonderful poems...

prajyot said...

i meant to ask,whether the image used in this post is drawn image by you?

Tulika said...

@ Prajyot:

NO. I didn't draw. If that was the case you would have found the Image Illustration bold, upper case and definitely flaunting away the quotes. :D
Its just my fab browsing skills. B-)

@ All,

Happy New Year.
Thanks for being here.

prajyot said...

@ Tulika

Sometimes do try drawing..vague pictures definetly add good colors to text..."i have tried it " ...Lol..!! and unfortunetly it had worked

Priya Joyce said...

something awesome...all over again..
but one thing I dun understand is...what are you comparing this to?
is it the human nature to abruptly take decisions and then realizing the "if only s" ???
do tell me :)

ANWESA said...

I loved it. You won't believe it but I was reminded of Vikram Seth's poem "The eagle and the bettle" while reading this. Loved the sentiments of the poem.

Keep blogging!!!!

Tulika said...

@ Prajyot:

Ya.. I ll try sometime.
Thanks :)

@ Anwesa di:

No, I don't believe it. :O
Thanks a lot.

That's a great compliment.

Tulika said...

@ Priya Joyce:

Yeah.. You can take it as impulsiveness of human behavior. But more specifically wat am talking abt is,in Today's Fast-Paced World, there is an urgency… to grow up soon. We doubt conventional wisdom. The needs of the present overcast the past, which is pre-requisite. We are growing up faster, losing the innocence and mirth of good old days.We find ourselves in irreversible stage of adulthood, at times shaped unpleasantly.

And then a time comes when we ponder and utter something lke this; “Take me back to my days of innocence.”

A freedom when abominably reached. Hence, Wasted Wings.

I guess that made some sense.

And Yes,Thanks a lot for ur appreciation. :)

amrit anand said...

i think this reminds me of the song.. mujhko yakin hai sach kahti thi jo bhi ammi kahti...ek mere din bachpan ke..jab chand pe pariyan rahti thi..

and your personal interpretation of this poem about people against conventional knowledge and this fast paced world makes me think of you as a mature writer..
keep expressing got a beautiful career ahead..waiting for you...

kaabil bano kamyabi jhak mar kar tumhare peeche aa jayegi.. this dialogue from 3 idiots has a lot to do with you..

Tulika said...

@ Sunny bhaiya:

I'm so glad to have you(though I myself forced you here), its such an amazing feeling to see your elder bro praising you.
And particularly those superb citations encouraged me a lot.

Thanks for being here.


Chandrika Shubham said...

Nice one! Very true, we are moving fast leaving good emotions and innocence far behind.

Best wishes. :)

Saras said...

In your eagerness to attain freedom faster you invariably rush into things only to realise that it would have been better to do it conventionally with a lot more enjoyment. Excellent piece of work, Tulika.

RRN said...

powerful , passionate ,and descriptive.

well written and composed.

impressive and beautiful as always.


Tulika said...

@Chandrika Shubham & Saras:

Exactly. That's the whole idea behind this verse.
Thanks a lot for all your appreciation.

@ RRN:

Good to hear from you again.

Really encouraging, appreciate it a lot.
Profuse Thanks.

ABHISHEK SiM said...


p.s.: when you would be signing personal copies for readers, do sign one for me too. all the best.

Tulika said...

@ SiM:


Ritvik said...

really nice....

the pic is lyk meant for this post....

Tulika said...

@ Ritvik:

Thanks bhai :)

~NeeR~ said...

nice dont have much words to appreciate....