December 24, 2009

Song of the Past

What a time are we living in?
Is it an outcome of some previous mistake?
Or a mistake,
Yet in the process of take and re-take.

The faces we wear,
Different patterns, different designs.
It wouldn’t have been a serious trouble,
Unless we knew what our real face looks like.

There was a time,
When we enthusiastically rode our red bicycles,
And a coin in our pockets,
Would twinkle a bar in our eyes.
Our thinking was simple,
But words cascaded limitlessly.
Now our thoughts are complex,
And the words won’t come easy.
Our fights were silly,
Our guts funny.
Now our wars are brutal,
And audacity cunny.
We laughed, we cried,
Spoke whatever felt like.
Now we enigmatically flaunt a coded expression,
Our pseudo attitude, regular psych.

We used to study,
To learn new things.
Now we buy education,
And earn a Bourneville.

All running hastily,
To catch something visibly unseen.
Strange! At the beck and call of an unknown,
All so eager, way-out keen.

Big cars, big bike, big house;
Ostensibly rich, superficially happy.
But I bet you can’t buy the carefree giggle,
You once flashed when you jigged your buddy.

Hey folks! Live with no regrets,
No cringes of the past.
The tar baby in veil otherwise,
It will cripple you at last. 
Laugh heartily,
Let the twinkle reach your eyes.
Mind serene, heart pure,
And then see what your face looks like.

Be true to yourself,
That’s the key to all plights.
The real you can put up,
All of the serious fight.
Victory or defeat,
Whichever it brings,
Remember in the end,
It’s “you” who wins. 

PS: Bless you with the true spirit of Christmas. Follow the Star of Bethlehem and you will seek all.
Merry Christmas !!!


~NeeR~ said...

Nice one..........perfectly blended with emotions.......and yes weaved in the thoughtful manner.....i like it.....great work..

prajyot said...

Nicely expressed poem..!! i agree with you,sometimes past is what makes us remember loads of things..!! i remember my childhood days ( which never come back)..!! i wish if those days could come back..!! but...!! :-(

PRIYALA said...

"When we enthusiastically rode our red bicycles,
And a coin in our pockets,
Would twinkle a bar in our eyes.
Our thinking was simple,
But words cascaded limitlessly.
Now our thoughts are complex,
And the words won’t come easy."

This is what I like in any poetry...the way you place metaphors together and weave a picture. It's not apparent on the face but does portray what you want to say... the lost innocence and the genuine contentment.
I think this is what poems are about... hidden and cryptic... and you are, i must say, really good at executing them. :)
keep up the good work Tuli! and see you around christmas!!

Thousif Raza said...

superb lines, loved it loved it loved. tulika you are a gem of a writer, glad i came across your blog, superb :)

thank you for wishing me, and may you too have an awesome Christmas and a fabulous new year :)

take care and keep writing.............

Priya Joyce said...

childhood days...we all miss them..
we miss the innocence..the simplicity ..the abruptness the stupidity...
well some old memories keep us going..this is one of them..
beautifully expressed dear :)

Merry Christmas to you too :)

Pawan Singh Rajput said...

I seriously don't have words. But, i will sum it up...


Merry Christmas to you to...Enjoy

ANCHIT said...

welcome back MS. TULIKA.......reading this work of urs was as pleasant as rains in 50 degree C heat........m reminded of William Henry Davies' "Leisure" where he says "NO TIME TO STAND & STARE"........

it looks like u taking a step further by this poem.......:)

ANWESA said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Loved the verse.

Chandrika Shubham said...

"All running hastily,
To catch something visibly unseen."

True, very true. I likes these lines. :)

Best wishes.

Suresh Kumar said...

The poem was superb... especially the comparison between childhood and the adult.. Hmm... even if we wish, we can't go back to the good ole a song lyric says, ' we r all just prisoners of our own devices'

angel in disguise.... said...

the words were simple...yet it had a lot of depth in it...n i enjoyed reading it..!:)
first time here,but i guess now ill drop in often:)
keep blogging:)

Destiny's child... said...

That was just perfect for the festive season of Christmas! It's time we tore off our masks, laughed like kids and sang in joy. Beautiful :)

Tulika said...

@ Neer

Thanks a lott. Good to know that u liked it.

@ Prajyot

Ya... I agree. The good old days. Some of the Most cherishable memories come from there.

@ Priyala

Everytime I see u analyzing my work, I'm muself filled with awe.
Thanks for all the encouragement I get from that end mate. Love you loads..!!

@ Thousif

I'm glad to have you here more thn you are to be a part of Muse Memoir. Thanks for all the appreciation.

@ Pawan

Thanks a lottt !!!
Really appreciate it a lottt !!

Tulika said...

@ Anchit

Thanks you so much. Great that you liked it. Profuse thanks.

@ Anwesa di

Thanks a lot.

@ Chandrika

I'm glad u liked the verese. Thanks dear.

@ Suresh

Very True, Thanks for praising it.

@ angel in disguise

I'm glad u had a good read.
It's good to have you here.
Welcome to Muse Memoir !!!

@ Destiny's Child
Yaa.. that was the motive behind it, putting it at just the right time. I'm glad u liked it. Thanks a lott..!!

Saras said...

I see a rare blend of innocence with uncanny maturity of expression in your works. Keep it up!

ABHISHEK SiM said...

I wish we all could be children. Ignorance is bliss. But once the burden on shoulder is felt man wakes up. He can never sleep the same way again.

Tulika said...

@ saras:

Thanks for the kind words. :)

Tulika said...

@ Sim:

Ignorance is bliss.

Avi said...

I am actually singing... :)
"Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance, I wanna grow up once agaaaaain !!"

Tulika said...

@ Avi:

Ha Ha...

Yeah true..!