January 13, 2010

Various Verses II


No drops I saw
Yet it rippled
Silence swarmed
And gently echoed
The breeze that swept my tresses
Never blew.

You didn't speak anything
And I heard


The kiss of love
The touch of art
And my life lustres
With the magic of one moment.

The eternity you brought
They call my life,
" One Halcyon. "

PS: Dedicated to my dear mates "Aham and Anahita".


Naina said...

very deep!..really liked the 1st one..

ANWESA said...

I was swept off my feet by the first verse.

Divya said...

How sweet it is! specially the first one :)

manjiT said...

the first verse reminds me of the day my final year exams ended. i thought a lot would dramatically change. blowing winds, shattering windows, storm,etc etc. *imagined so*
but nothing so happened to herald the newly found freedom. it was just there, it was unvieled in the silence of unsaid.
no line can be drawn to signify anything, it just exists there, the views change.

Saras said...

Very nicely worded poem qqzing pristine Love.

Saras said...

"oozing" sp

prajyot said...

happy makarsankrati...!!

Suresh Kumar said...

that was romantic and I like it :)

ABHISHEK SiM said...

the blog looks awesome! at one end i feel - damn i missed so much, and the other end i feel - wow there is so much good stuff to read. i loved this! and here i plunge for the rest!

Tulika said...

@ Naina, Anwesa di, Divya:

Thanks a lottt !! I'm so glad u all liked it. :)

@ Manjit:
I liked ur perception. Interesting !

@ Saras And Suresh:
Thanks again.


@ SIM:

:) :) :)

I'm so happy to see you.
Long time indeed. And wat a coincidence, just wen i was thinking about you, I received ur comment. What a pleasant surprise.
Thank You So Much !!!

PS: All blog related compliments, I owe 'em to u, I have been blindly copying you. B-)

Chandrika Shubham said...

'You didn't speak anything

And I heard


Beautiful lines. :)

Thousif Raza said...

sweet dedication, awesome lines, dint get the answer though for both... :P

care to enlighten this dumb being queen of verses??? ;)

take care and keep writing............

Tulika said...

@ Chandrika Shubham:

Thanks :)

@ Thousif:

Queen of Verses..? Me..? :O

Biggie !! Thanks!

Well .. The first verse is about the silent and mutual assent to Love.

The second verse is about how life changed into a utopia since the moment of togetherness.

Hope it did make some sense.

Thanks a lottt again !!!