January 11, 2010

Brat With A Bang!!!

Former post on Brat surprised you all and your responses surprised me. So, I thought about giving you some recent updates.

And it starts like this;
I’m a member of a club which conducts weekly meeting where we discuss and attempt questions on current affairs, latest technology, and fair deal of History and Geography. This time the topic which was given, I was little uncertain and perturbed regarding my preparation. The coordinator therefore advised me to seek Brat’s help on the matter.

Now, this was simple I thought as Brat came to my rescue every time. I always had pretty laid back, informal, over a cup of tea chit-chats with him about the most cognitive issues. But due to time constraints, asking him to give me a talk like some prof so that I could give a good write up the next day was an issue for me. Anyhow, I picked up notepad and a pencil as I was going to face Prof. Brat and asked him, “Tell me about Nationalism.”

And yes Brat talked and talked, gave an extraordinary piece of information about all the historians, their books, its contents, his own books and their contents BUT no word came about the term “nationalism”. I then realized we had left nationalism ages ago and had moved onto lighter topics like “Who cooks better in the family?” Definitely my answer pleased Brat. One can’t blame me for that, I have a test tomorrow, you see.

Anxiously I decided to do some googling on my previous query and moved on.

“Non-cooperation” was next in the queue. I expected ideology, aim and objectives for this. And once again, Brat in full swing was all set to provide some empirical results. Enlightening experience, I was actually realizing what non-cooperation was all about!

It was no good learning in this classroom style with him. My disgust was mounting. Therefore, decided to call it quits.

Also, I had to study. Isn’t it? So, I tried Gandhian ways to seek freedom from him or else he wouldn’t let me study. And being a true Gandhian by heart, I didn’t show any trace of disgust or say anything but just spread the books all over the bed and sat on my chair. Finding no space to sit Brat had to leave.

Finally I clinched Victory.

And then I sat studying just to find that the reference material I needed was in Brat’s study. Now if go there, I would be caught again and be further delayed. Still gathered some courage, tip-toed into his room and found the book there on the table. I thought of picking it up and immediately walking out of the room. Just as I did and turned back, Brat called me. I responded submissively and pleaded to wind it up soon or morrow would be a total fiasco.

He asked me to shut up and sit. And surprisingly, I followed. It was reluctant gesture going by the kinesics.

He then talked for some fifteen minutes. Initially the clock grabbed most of my attention but as he advanced it made sense to me, I asked my queries, counter questioned and all became crystal clear.

After that he fiercely asked me to disappear as soon as possible as he had some work.

Never mind, I have got used to such treatment:
Shut up and Listen,
Good job and Get Lost.

At 4:30am I sat googling to make fine answers the next day. Eyes baked up running this wiki to that wiki.

Next day, giving the test I realize that the ideologies which were macadamized by Brat washed the paper. His talk had just swelled up my own ideas and I certainly did a good job.
Moral of the story:
Ask Brat, he knows.
Brat has his own ways.

PS: Trust your Brat guys.
PPS:Those who don’t know BRAT, follow link.


prajyot said...

nice pic huh..!! well first i wondered whoz brat..then i followed the it was like reading first the climax and then the start..!! he he..!! i should have read "whoz brat"first

prajyot said...

and i was like "ohh..this brat"...then i though..."16th Dec wala brat"..i thought his is some new brat..he he

Divya said...

hahahah... i mus concede with Prajyot... i had to do the same... n yea, i do believe in Brat :)

Suresh Kumar said...

Well... My Brat used to say
'ask me anything' when we were young... But we(me and brother) always preferred mom and always disappointed him :)...

Dads want us to grow immediately and we like to take the slower process...

Girls do trust their dads but boys prefer mothers :)

The Holy Lama said...

Brats are best to ask. If you stop asking, that's when they complain.Health tonic for happy family- Brat advice tonic twice a week.:)

s.H.a.S.h.I said...

hhaha... nice post.. i dint realise . who this brat cud be..
nice blog btw tulika.. thanks for ur comments

ANWESA said...


Brat's strange but his ways work !


Thousif Raza said...

you stole my rank... i was on 58, or i guess 54 lol...

bust mast post tha, confusing tha, but amusing bhi tha, coool post

take care and keep writing...........

Tulika said...

@ Prajyot:

LOL.. it was Brat Revisited for u thn. :D
Chalo great u rediscovered it. And thanks a lot.

@ Divya:
Happy to have u here. :)
The plot thickened for u..B-)
Beat wishes to u and ur brat :)

@ Suresh:
I agree. And maybe for the same reason we trust Brat more.

@ The Holy Lama:

LOL. Exactlyyy. :D

@ Shashi:
Thanks a lot.
And yes, If u r still clueless abt BRAT, follow link given in PPS of this post. That's Brat Intro.
Welcome to Muse Memoir.


@ Anwesa di:


@ Thousif:

Rank..ohh.. did I?
Bt u have got higher points, not happy wid da hike..? Among top scorers you are, I guess.

Naina said...

really liked the part abt spreading all your books on the bed..really funny!
..and i trust my brat!:D

Saras said...

My "Brat" was my idol! He still is. Hey I nice Indirank you got there!

ABHISHEK SiM said...


Famous quotes by Mark Twain:
"When I was a boy of 14 my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have that old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in 7 years."

Your Brat sure is cool! And with a daughter like you, I can see him becoming an internet celebrity soon enough.

My namastey to uncle :)

Tulika said...

@ SiM:

Now everyone has started calling der Father "Brat", I guess I ll soon be receiving acute protest from Dad society .

Ritvik said...

mast hai yaar...

both the posts on brat r awesome..!!

Ritvik said...

hey.. when did u pull this thing off???
i felt m reading it for the first tym..

its amazing .. :D
well... dad wouldn't b happy reading this.. LOL :D