February 22, 2010


He awaits me
But when I'm there
I'm ignored.

He awaits me
Hence, he still stands.



Bikram said...

I feel the Same.. When I am there I am ignored.. but in my case its not the enemy its someone else...

Its weird when you see something written, I am sure you had completely different view writing it and i read it different .. someone else will read it different .. Same word but all mean different ..


ANWESA said...


Enemies have control on you. So better don't react to them.

RRN said...

Oh my.

Complelling ,
Mysterious ,

I loved this.
Great title

prajyot said...

Enemies these days have started growing up in people's life..wat say?

LOVE , TRUST have no value

Adisha said...

Such complex feelings in such few lines :)

ABHISHEK SiM said...

deeply confused. and frankly. :)

i can't see any way to measure these lines... :(

i can't even imagine such a benign enemy who would do nothing but ignore. and wait. this intrigues me - especially when this is from uncle's trove.

and is the picture of the shadow supposed to hint something?

Tulika said...

@ All:

Interesting knowing your perspectives.

@ Bikram:
Open interpretation amuses the creator as well.

@ Anwesa di:
I'm glad u liked it.

@ RRN:
All praise.
I'm happiee.

@ Prajyot:

@ Adisha:
Welcome to Muse Memoir.
I'm glad to have you here.

@ Sim:
Frankly speaking, the essence of this poem is in the last line;
Hence, he still stands

Here, it talk about invincibility. supremacy.

My Enemy exists, survives and has a name because he is MY enemy.

Each word in the verse adds much more to it than what it literally means.

He awaits me.But then he disregards me. overlooks. eludes...
Being my enemy makes him blessed
to still be here.survive here.

This is a poem of ultimate supremacy.

* I enjoyed translating this one. :)

ABHISHEK SiM said...

deep lines. i re-read the poem. i m loving it.. :)

Nalini Hebbar said...

wonderful! simply put...short and sweet

Tulika said...

@ Sim:

thanks :)

@ Nalini Hebbar:
Thanks ma'm.
I'm glad to have you here.
Welcome to Muse Memoir.