March 20, 2010


I want to shatter
Hit the floor hard
Breaking into a thousand pieces
The trivials I'm made of
Let loose...

A shrill loud
In dampened silence around
A flash strong
In dull skies.

Walking out of the crowd
Reach at a point
Where identities warp;

Strike the strings.


Nalini Hebbar said...

to be unique by recognizing your talent is every human being dream...lovely poem on wanting to break out of the ordinary...:)

Divya said...

may be u shud write about the inspiration here sumtime :)

Thousif Raza said...

hmmmm....thought for the brain... nice one.... :)

take care and keep writing............

TULSYAN said...

it seems one need to discover, or rather a new wrd etymology to describe and praise ur work!!!

The West Wind said...

Amazing.. so beautiful ..

Suresh Kumar said...

U r unique... Nice one...
And By the way, r the exams over? How did they go?

Tulika said...

@ Nalini ma'm:
Thank you so much. Really encouraging for me. :)

@ Divya:
Ya I do write abt my inspiration from time to time. The debut poem, Versifying my Life, Brat, Daughter, Me verses You are some of the poetries abt my muses who've inspired me-the driving forces. I guess that is what you meant. Isn't it?

@ Thousif:
Thank you So Muchh.!! :)

@ Tulsyan:
Are u practising hyperbole these days? You are immensely kind wen it comes to praising me. Thanks a lot! :)

@ The West Wind:
Thank you. :)

@ Suresh:
Ohh that's a biggie! Thanks!
Well no, a few papers still left but cudn't control the urge. Now will be back after the exams get over finally i.e. afte 1st april.

ANWESA said...

Very strong.And wilful. Very much unlike your previous creations.

I like it.

Saras said...

Your desire to breakaway from the bondage is clearly portrayed in your words.Just make sure you choose the right kind of freedom! Kidding, excellent poem, Tulika.

PRIYALA said...

Long time! Finally I'm catching up. I love these lines the most-

"Walking out of the crowd
Reach at a point
Where identities warp..."

^This shows how much of an 'individual' you are. I think the purpose of out little lives lies only in this concept of being 'individual' and unique. This can't be taught but only discovered... by being self-aware.
It's good to see you heading in the right direction. :)

Bikram said...

Excellent poem.. I want to shatter .. and break into a thousand pieces .. SUMS up my story for the time being .. quiet brilliantly..

Well written

Tulika said...

@ Anwesa di:


@ Saras:
LOL. Thanks :)

@ Priyala:

Thanks for appreciating.

@ Bikram
Thanks a lott :)

Mohit Khurana said...
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Avi said...

Brilliant !