April 1, 2010

My Verse

From the blood of pinched veins
We need to draw
Still many lines
Those words yet to be spoken
That torment somewhere in silence
All the confinements
Of illusionary being
Has to be crossed.

In wretched obscurity
As line of fire

My verse.


Nalini Hebbar said...

a verse is never is always there meaning something to someone.

Thousif Raza said...

that's really some incredible stuff... nice.....

take care and keep writing.........

prajyot said...

sorry that i popped in after many days...well gr8 writting...!!

ANWESA said...

I think it'll take me another few readings to grip the meaning of the last three lines.

The part which I understood made me go numb.

Tulika said...

@ All:
Thanks a lot everyone.
Though I feel I didn't do enough justice to this one.

@ Anwesa di:
Being said that I'm convinced you could get the essence of this verse and I do thank you for that. :)