April 11, 2010

My Experiments With Exam

-PL i.e. Preparation Leave is strictly abided and you start it with enquiring syllabus and scouring books.

-No matter how many days of PL you get, you wait until the "do or die moment. (That’s the spirit!) B-)

-Exam eve is never celebrated without saying “kaash! Ek din aur hota.”

- Ripley’s believe it or not:
What your prof taught in the whole session can be mugged overnight.

-One all nighter makes you all set for exams, if we had two such then surely one could be professor in that subject.         
(But as we don’t have such days, the talent goes wasted). :(

-Answer sheets swell when you have properly studied and they swell to explode if you haven’t. :O

-If you and your friend have come unprepared and you go clueless after seeing the question paper. You fiddle yours wondering, "What the heck is she/he doing!!!"

-After getting the result you blow a fuse:
**# # @@ **..beep..beep..tarr..tarr.. : commemoration to prof.

~Thus Spoke Student


prajyot said...

hey u wrote the fact...and i liked two statements a lot...

1. kaash ek aur din hota
2. yeh mere marks nahi...


I recently got one sms which defined two stages of heartbeats

Before Exam : ^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^
After Exam : --------------------

Divya said...

u r so rite about exploding the papers and our innate talent in mugging up entire session's stuff over-night :)

Thousif Raza said...

uou got the facts all rgt... :P

well good luck for everything that is planned ahead for you :)....

take care and keep writing.....

ABHISHEK SiM said...

"Please save me SUPERMAN"?
Oh that is funny. :)

Vintage Obsession said...

Boy am i glad that i am a graduate :-)

Suresh Kumar said...

exams se pehle brain works really very nice... exam ke hall mein sumtimes ruk jaatha hain... woh bala kyun? :)

Nice observations... When the teacher said 'make ur observations on a separate sheet', I presume she didn't mean these... :)

Btw exams katham huvi kya?

Anonymous said...

All blog posts should come with a "like" button !!

Bikram said...

he he eh .. Oh man i remember those days.. and sometimes someone would come and say PAPER LEAK HO GAYA HAI.. and the sudden rush to find where and how.. and waste more time ...

But hey its a talent for a few like me to sit on the last day and mug up everything and then write the whole history to any question that comes in the exam.. and also expect MARKS :)

and if dad ask typical answer, Its the same for all.. this year the paper was set very hard and the marks were low for all... :)

ANWESA said...

Nice one.Totally suits my current situation :P

PRIYALA said...

I agree with ALL of them! And when you knw nothing...*phenko... hmm 5 mins left...aur phenko*