June 8, 2010


Something prompted me to share this poem with you all which I wrote during fag end of my school days.These lines appeased me when I actually couldn't enucleate them myself. And now that the bequeathed wisdom is coming to fruition, I have to say this about life. The little I understand of it per se...

Good times, bad times
Come and go…

Love and hatred
Yes and no…

Dreams and nightmares
To and fro…

Black and white
Hawk and dove…

Yes, its life
Off-off, glow.

ps: Thanks a lot Thousif   for the lovely award.


ANWESA said...

Have I read this before ? I wonder.

**Yes, its life
Off-off, glow.

Loved this..

Tulika said...

Good to know you still remember.

Yeah, it was a guest post on Sim's blog- inception of blogging actually.

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

hmm a nice one .. well nothing is old .. it depends when you are in the mood to write or publish it ..

hey what was it that made u publish now he heh ehe :)

Suresh Kumar said...

simple and cute

Thousif Raza said...

as simple as it sounds.... its gotta deeper meaning.... and so swt of you mentioning me :)

and i am really really glad seeing you back, was just abt to send you an email :)

hope to see you back soon :)

take care and keep writing.........

s.H.a.S.h.I said...

simple and yet so sweet... :) how u doin tulika.. nice poem..

Enduring Spirit said...

Short and Precise. Absolutely conveys all the sweet confusion, tribulations of the adolescent mind !

Nice !

penelope said...

love the poem and ur blog ..!
especially the layout . ! :)

m onh ur follower's list ... do visit mine ....

Destiny's child... said...

You have said so much with just a few words...lovely :)

anubhavb said...

Thanks for sharing that poem. :)
Really liked it, a lot...

A beautiful Mind said...

Nice !!!!

Avi said...

Nice one !!
What about the grey side of life ?

Tulika said...

@ Bikram:

Well, what is that made me publish it now..? Actually it was all kinda low for me.. I was low in confidence.. vague approach but finally I clinched what I wanted. Now life's changed all of a sudden. :)

@ Suresh:

@ Thousif:
You felt so..? Even I did.

@ Shashi:
I'm doing well here. Life's Good so far. :)

Hw r u doing? Doc kya?

Tulika said...

@Enduring spirit:
Welcome here.

@ Penelope:

@ Destiny's child:

@ Anubhav:
Thanks :)

@ A Beautifu Mind:
Great Movie (Your blog name)

Thanks and Welcome :)

@ Avi:
Umm.. grey side.
Well to me there's no grey side,Bright side or Dark side. There's no definition of it. That comes when there's good, bad, evil.. And this I think is pretty relative. for eg,As love being such a divine feeling can't be felt by all or liked by everyone and also, hatred or vengeance becomes motivation at times . So,
for me Life is all about moments, good times, bad times.Happy days, sad days. No corporeal stuff in between. I don't believe in it.
I'm a person of extreme tendencies. Nothing is mild/ grey for me per se.

I hope it made some sort of sense.

Thanks for asking such a thing. Welcome to Muse Memoir...!!!

Avi said...

What you say does make sense, and rightly so, it's all pretty relative. I personally believe that the two extremes exist only in the realm of thought, what is real is always 'grey'.

Binary (0 and 1) can only drive machines.

Saras said...

Tulika and Poetry
Heart and Soul