June 24, 2010

Here & Now

Life @ SVL...
expressions of a member

"The depth of a relation does not depend upon the length of acquaintanceship."
                                                - Rabindranath Tagore

It will soon turn out to be an year of glorious association but the fond memories and experiences I'll take from here are profound and worth cherishing.
It goes far beyond the connect of being a reader and books to a level of being a member and a family. The latter though primary is still uncommon.
And I feel so lucky and blessed to have experienced it all.

Study groups, passionate quizzers, objective clubs, enthusiasts of various- it serves not just to be a pool of many but lets the interests of few also survive.
Education workshops, quizzes, debate, book releases and other such events help establish a sense of awareness. And not only this it also gives an alarm to one's own interests.

I've seen myself grow inside out here, an extreme difference both individually and societally by the platform it provides to its members. 
It has upsurged wide array of my personality and has groomed me gradually.

Now that I move on to next level in my career, I know I have a mentor and friends here who will be the plinth when I have a journey ahead. Swami Vivekananda Library has given me a mentor that moulded me in the best possible way.

My sincere thanks to this place. I love to be a part of it.

A proud family member.


Sometimes you need to go unguarded
To face the world
At times you need to be raw
To be apart from the herd.

Things have to be forgotten
To start new ones
Things have to be remembered 
To reload your guns.

Whatever you desire
You rise up to reach 
But midway you might feel 
It's not exactly what you seek.

Then what do you do?
Fall back disheartened!
No, there's nothing wrong anywhere
You just had your realization.

I'm in no mood to preach
Just want to say
That the best things in life
Cannot be found by incessant scour
But best when they are self- realized.

ps: I leave it to you all to connect the above two. 
pps:Million Thanks to Laxmi Sharan Mishra Sir.


Bikramjit said...

Ok I am dumb it seems But I loved the poem, especially where you say Things have to be forgotten To start new ones
Things have to be remembered To reload your guns.

But easier said then done.. Cant forget the wrong done, or dreams shattered etc.. But yeah a yes we have to somehoe forget them to start a new one..

and yes when the time to shoot comes..You have to remember it all so the AIM doesnot go wrong...

ALL The best in whatever you are going into, the next level.. God bless and

HARD WORK-PAtIENCE- takes one a long long way ... now matter what ...

Sorry it seems now I am preaching

Thousif Raza said...

that is you at your sincere best... loved to see this side of you tuku :)

its strange how some things which are strange at some times turn out to be the best things which we cannot live without... cool lines ya :)

take care and keep writing..........

Suresh Kumar said...

Maybe the svl and its association has made u see the world and life in the way you have written and its the true way...
Its not just a poem.. its a guiding lamp....

Avi said...

Good one. A nice thing about these lines is that they're applicable to all and sundry.

'Incessant scour' -- "scour" means 'to clean' and it also means 'to run'. Both the meanings are applicable here, Incessant cleaning or incessant running.

Self-realization in its true sense comes only by incessant efforts.

Chandrika Shubham said...

Beautiful poem! :)
Very best for the next level. Hope u achieve even more in coming years.

anubhavb said...

Commenting only on the poem - sounded a bit like Tolkien's "All that is gold does not glitter" from LOTR. Love that poem and really liked this one. :)

Very well said...

Tulika said...

@ Mann:
Thanks :)

Yeah you were carried away I guess, preaching and all :-D

Thank ou so much for all that you said and wished. Pleasure to be read by you :)

@ Thousif:
Woahh.. Sincere..thanks that you perceived it such. :)

Always a pleasure to have you.
Thanks :)

@ Suresh:

@ Avi:
And scour has one more meaning, to search.

Thanks for appreciating. :)

@ Chandrika:
Thank you so much !!

@ Anubhav:
Thank you :)
I really get shocked when people compare my small things to that level.
Really appreciate all the motivation that it provides. :)

sheen said...

Hi Tulika,
I'm glad I happened to stray over to your blog somehow!

Your poetry reflects how you write from within the deepest folds of your heart!

I loved your poem, especially the lines "Things have to be forgotten To start new ones
Things have to be remembered To reload your guns." and "Whatever you desireYou rise up to reach..."

Take care.