July 18, 2010


Undiscovered, rare.
And just the rough they saw !

How do I blame them?

It needs to be me
To see you.


Bikramjit said...

Nice thought but also a diamond needs to be cut properly to make it beautiful

ANWESA said...

Kaleidoscopic poetry(I do not know if such a term exists). But there are numerous ways in which I can build upon these five lines.

You are a reader's delight !

ABHISHEK SiM said...

i like... :)

Thousif Raza said...

mehek has said it exactly rgt... you are a readers delight :)

great work again :)

take care and keep writing............

Suresh Kumar said...

remember a sharukh song re
woh toh albela... hazaaron mein akela.......

prajyot said...

well i feel diamonds by original are TOO GOOD

Tulika said...

@ Bikram:
I differ at this.
Beauty is a vague term, cut or uncut, polished/ unpolished only adds to beauty and not make it beautiful per se. And moreover, Beauty is relative.

@ Anwesa di:
Yeah. There are numerous ways I can relate to it too.
Thanks a lot for the compliment.

@ SiM:
I'm Glad :)

@ Thousif:
Thanks a lot. Long Time. Good to hear from you.

@ Suresh:

@ Prajyot:

Ritvik said...

hahaha...yeeeeee...first tym in my lyf i understood your poem in 2nd try....hehehe....