August 16, 2010

He loves me/ He loves me not !

A parchment lying
In corner table there
A thin film of dust
Has yellowed it a bit
The corners curved
Frictioned by thick air
That flows
To settle.

A closer look
And the two eyes
Looked straight into mine
Just the eyes there.

I listen the bitter-sweet-bitter tale.

It's been a while now.
He's not here yet.


What shall I call it?
Somber eyes
Or unsketched face.

And it's


Ritvik said...

whenever i comment after that no one els comments...

lets see this tym... :P


Chaos said...

^i break the jinx ritvik =)

Tuli =). This is one of your best. I feel that, even if you might disagree. Poetry is personal and this one has really touched me.
Nice one.

And btw, i changed the url. its now

Thousif Raza said...

ah... you know capturing the emotions in the prefect angle... :) loved it... :)

and why dint you come to my blog... i wanted your comment on my poem :)... hope to see ya there soon...

take care and keep writing.......

Tulika said...

@ Ritvik:

Oh really..? Never felt so bugger :P
But yeah if Lattu happens to comment then everybdy seems to go off-topic, commenting on image quality, cam quality, pixel, view. So it's quite a relief he doesn't make scratch comments these days. :D

@ Chaos (Anonymity is a bliss) :D

Thank you so much. I am so glad you came up with this comment. Though the verse is totally distorted I feel. But I have put it for the same reason. I look forward for your comments everytime. :)

@ Thousif:
I'm so sorry. I am not coming online that often these days as I'vent brought my lappie here. Ainways I have to catch up with a lot of good stuff. I will do it soon.


Ritvik said...

oohh...i also felt like commenting on the image but pack maar dia...n just wrote... NICE...!!!

ANWESA said...

Loved the pic. My favourite lines here :

I listen the bitter-sweet-bitter tale.

Nice one again !

ABHISHEK SiM said...

Wonderful - but why is it so titled? :O

Tulika said...

@ Ritvik:

Blaahhhh ! :P

@ Anwesa di:

Thank you di :)

@ SiM:
I know, it's unrelated. But dunno why I feel although such tales are longggg.... but they revolve around one question, that remains unanswered forever;

loves me/loves me not.

Saras said...

Good one Tulika! Thanks for the visit.

Naina said...