September 9, 2010


He: It feels as if I have seen you taking birth, as a toddler, as a cheeky li'l schoolgirl, then gradually turning into a sensible lovely young adult.

I've known you throughout.


She: You made faces, I know. Irritated by the unnecessary mirth at times, then, falling for the same silly gal. How casual you looked when I came to meet you.But then the frantic calls when I disappeared.I enjoyed it all from a distance then grew restless myself. 
I know you read all my emotions... pretending not to fought hard inside, I know...

But I had to close my eyes, because,
I could see you seeing me...


ANWESA said...

"But I had to close my eyes, because,I could see you seeing me..."

The perfect blend of romance, sensuality and love...

"Louved" it :D

The Peripatetic Nomad said...


Suresh Kumar said...

Quite romantic....

akanksha said...

Amazing post! loved it:)

Nikita Anand said...

So beautiful..

दीपशिखा वर्मा / DEEPSHIKHA VERMA said...

"I enjoyed it all from a distance then grew restless myself. "
lovely !

Thousif Raza said...

so sweet... so beautiful :)

nice one :)

take care and keep writing........

Chaos said...

At some point, we grow above those little habits. Things are no longer frantic, not as spontaneous... at times, nostalgia takes over. But that's when the most beautiful part begins. :) and you've found it Tuli.

The Peripatetic Nomad said...

kya hai? jab dekho wahi post! post something soon, any of you :X

Bikramjit said...

romantic and i liekd it a lot.. wish this innocense and love is in the air for all
and everyone can get a feel of it :)
Bikram's Blog

Tulika said...

@ Anwesa di:

Louved your comment ! :)

@ Sim:
Yeah Will keep that in mind. :)

@ Suresh:
Yes :)

@ Akansha:
Thanks :)

@ Nick:

@ Deepshikha:

Thanks a lot ! :)

Tulika said...


@ Bikram:

Yes,love in the air ! Forever !

@ Chaos:
Nostalgia. That's the word.