October 4, 2010


The silver box is packed
In the hope to see a smile
The folds pressing love
Layer by layer...

The silver box is opened
In disbelief
And numbness creeps in
With each fold.

That smile slowly fades away
And instead
A tear is dropped.

Wouldn't you love such a gift?


Thousif Raza said...

well... there is so much to imagine here... i simply love it... gives this vivid feel of goodness :)... great one :)

take care and keep writing...............

ANWESA said...

I would. And wait for a lifetime for that gift.

Brilliant !!

The Peripatetic Nomad said...

Tragic. How did you know this?
p.s.: tit-for-tat eh? :)
p.p.s: what are the chances i am talking completely out of context?

Avi said...

Nice imagery - 'layers' of love, good to see you back !!

Tulika said...

@ Thousif:
Yes, imagine. That's the best thing to do. :)

@ Anwesa di:

@ SiM:
I guess you have read this poem a li'l more deeper than I tried to write it. It ll be interesting to hear about it from you.

Tragic was the word that came to my mind when I tried to interpret in one way. But I was a weak reader then.

@ Avi:
Thanks..! Good to hear from you as well.

The Peripatetic Nomad said...

oops. one of the most embarrassing blunders ever - I was so preoccupied that mind naturally interpreted it along the familiar path. really sorry. and the question mark at end of 'gift' had kind of anchored my bias.

now i do see the lines in their intended context.

powerful. evocative. clearly distilled.

i feel so dumb, at having missed that. my fault - i was a poor reader.

p.s.: your reply just amazed me. :)

Thousif Raza said...

you know i read it again... and god it feels so good... i have goosebumps....tulika!!!! that is so strong... so very strong... the emotions put put so intently... its like fuel for imagination....and the last line is the best of all... lures you into something which you've never felt before... taking you places....i loved it at first.... love it again....:) great one :)

take care and keep writing.....

TULSYAN said...

tuku, u r mind boggling!!
a gift well desired!!
a gift all lng for!!

Tulika said...

@ SiM:

Ohh..! I thought you had interpret it some brilliant way otherwise like you did once. Anyways, I ll keep my hopes up. :D

@ Thousif:
Profusely praised. I am elated.
Thanks a lot..!

@ Anchit:

Yeah man ! I should start asking by now, what all did u get till now ? :D

Naina said...

kya likhti hain aap..making things so interesting and beautiful!

TULSYAN said...

@tuku: none, yt one, yt MANY :) :)