November 10, 2010


Disheveled in mind
They born, they break.

What pained was
When I didn't reach them
For they had reached me .

And the ones which remained unattended
Were the ones which were amply me
Scattered everywhere
Ranting hard, such a show-off !

Docilely now
I very much stand here
Don't I?

Then succumbed to anonymity
Who was it?


Thousif Raza said...

deep....i'm still in the sense of figuring it out... runs really deep this one...

and where r u.... blog par missing you... hope to see ya soon :)

take care and keep writing.......

Anirban said...

Tuli, Dunno how how come up with such brain-numbing stuff everytime.
Although I didn't understand much of the poem, thanks to my mediocre insight, but one thing's for sure - its deep, very deep.
Keep up the good work Tuli.

anubhavcam said...

Wow! The thoughts that remain unattended as unrealized identities - I guess that was my interpretation of the poem... Amazingly deep and reminded me of several (science fiction) theories related to multiverses - every time you make a choice the universe splits into 2 parts, the universe which you see and universe in which you chose otherwise :)

Anyway - another great poem!

Suresh Kumar said...

***What pained was When I didn't reach them For they had reached me***
Nice lines and nice poem too

Saras said...

Nice lines, very well written.

Bikramjit said...

nicely written .. loved to read it

we got to listen to those thoughts ..


TULSYAN said...

every artistic creation has an inspiration!!
do u mind sharing the pain whch let ths poem out of u???