October 19, 2010


Finally, it's one year of penning down, celebrating the joy of writing through ecstasies, afflictions, nostalgia, boredom...

My Best Friend always insisted me that I should have a blog but I was very apprehensive then. I would say, " Bah! Who'll read me?"
But then after having loads of discussions and losing the argument, I finally joined blogosphere.

When I started this blog the only thing that actually bothered me was the content. The regular post that had to be maintained. I was pretty tentative about posting the old poems, stories that were long pressed in the diaries. And when I started blogging there was no looking back. Muse Memoir lived up to its name, stimulating the blue flux everytime. I never really had to open my diaries just for the sake of hitting a post without that state of mind. I got all the inspiration from my right people.

There are loads of people who inspired me during the process. Abhishek aka SiM, is one blogger whom I look up to. The profound content on his blog was a reflection of the infinity of which he often wrote. His style of writing is like none other and so is/are his blog(s). The ambiguity of the former statement is because of hide seek that I often have to play with his blogs. Abhishek is another person who suggested me to start a blog and at that time I was sure, I'll make these two people read my blog if nobody turned up. And then I got immense encouragement from Anwesa di who's been reading me since my very first experience with a blog which was not here but a guest post on Sim's blog. She has been with me since the inception and continues to do so even now. I don't need to comment on her style of writing. She's a princess with the quill.

A lot of people can be called the plinth of this space; Priyala, who appreciated me giving her insight on things which was enlightening indeed. Thousif Raza who was there everytime I opened comments and praised me profusely. Anchit who critcized me at times and lauded me other times. And some who wrote mails to me appreciating the verse that touched them, writhed them, delighted them. I remember every single event vividly.

And then yes, the posts by some blogger buddies that took all my attention at that moment cannot go unmentioned. That lovely verse Ochre  by Aayushi Mehta swept me off totally. And the discussion string at "How deep is your Ecology?" at Anubhav's Realizing the future kept me glued to it for days.The fresh attempts by Thousif trying his hand in poetry was worth appreciating.

A year ago it started and celebrating the same. Dedicating it to NUMERO UNO this time..!!!


Anirban said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MuseMemoir !!!
Didn't really seem like one year though.
The best thing about MuseMemoir is that it's written straight from the heart. Every post overflows with spontaneity. Congratulations Tulika, for starting your blog, and shaping and nurturing it the way you did, for the last 1 year.
But, I am sure, the best is yet to come ! Its not that I am expecting great things from you, its just that I know what you are capable of.
Congratulations again !!!

Loads of Love.

ANWESA said...

It has been a year ? Time flew by. Thanks for the mention [ Actually thanks would be an under-statement ].

Happy birthday Muse Memoir !

May the artist and the poet make it the canvas of their musings !

And the "princess with the quill" is always there to read and cherish.

P.S. : Congratulations to Anirban for finally joining this blog.

Bubbly said...

congrats for successfuly completing 1 year of musememoir.....though i'v not been a regular visitor as u knw,but wenevr i see ur post it makes me feel so proud of having such gifted friend.....may u keep on writing such beautiful of luck.....lovya :)

The Peripatetic Nomad said...

First of all, congratulations and YAY!

At a particular point I felt like quoting: "Par babhi, mujhe sugar mana hai". Thanks for the lavish shower of praises. I really wanted to run for cover.

And - looking forward to the many many delightful years to come on Muse Memoir :)

p.s.: a small request - please unlink the blog from my name.

Tulika said...

@ Lattu:
Congratulations to you too. :)

@ Anwesa di:
Yes, it's been an year now. And hoping to see lovelier years ahead.

@ Virus:
Your a dear chum. Thanks a lot sweets.! Your appreciation means a lot. :-*

@ Sim:

You deserve it..!
And yes go run for cover. I'll find you there. :P

ps: link removed.

Suresh Kumar said...

Congrats on completing one year... Looking for more beautiful poems and posts in the coming years too

anubhavcam said...

@ Tulika - Only a year ?!
Wow you're good! I'd always thought that you'd been blogging for ages. That's how awesome muse memoir has always been!!

Anyway Congrats :) (For the amazing blog - congratulating you for the duration would be like congratulating a best-selling author for number of pages :P) and thanks for mentioning Realizing the Future :)

@ Anirban - Flame photography! Cool! (A bit more black space at the top might have been better as far as framing/cropping is concerned - but pack - Nice shot - enuf said) :)

PRIYALA said...

Oooh I'm mentioned! I'm mentioned! :P
anyway... Happy first birthday MuseMemoir! You realize how much you grow within one year when you read the older posts. This must be celebrated!

Tulika said...

@ Suresh:
Thanks a lot. I try to learn something from all other bloggers and from you I wish to learn the art of story telling..! :)

@ Anubhav:
This one year has been so smooth at blogspot,I feel as if it was yesterday when I had put m first post.

ps: I cropped the pic. That's my brilliant touch. :P

@ Priyala:
Yes, I remember, u had said that I ll see myself growing...
Truly. And thanks for being there always.


TULSYAN said...

i jus read a theory on recession effect, so vl go in reverse order!!

@anirban: dude, bahut late ho gaye sirji!!??? u sud have been the frst to do so :P (hope the lad frm IIT-M dnt "MIND IT"!!) anyway, its bttr late thn neva!!

btw, tuku, wth m doing out there??? it was u forced me to visit the blog and praise it and publicize it, even w/o reading it!! hehehe...jus kidding...tht was too much yaar!! u r like a role-model to me!! its u who has really inspired me to pen down my thoughts!! though, thanks a ton fr the HONOUR!! yeah, bt my duty will continue!!!

and last bt nt the least, a hearty congratulations to u fr the xcellent success, ms. laaaer (:P)

hope, i get to read this space with same zeal and same quality of content till i motivate my gr8 grandson to write his own blog!!! :D

thanking u once again for the honour!!

Avi said...

Congrats for your blog's anniversary....your blog has the best imagery in the form of words and pictures, thanks for putting them !!

Bikramjit said...

A very very happy birthday to musememoir...

Sorry i am so late, dont know how i missed this .. May you have plenty more birthdays like this one ... heres to many more to come

Congrats:) I love all your posts .. Well done


Saras said...

Hearty congratulations on your Anniversary of "Muse Memoir".

Tulika said...

@ Anchit, Avi, Bikram, Saras:

Thanks a lot for all the motivation I've been receiving. It does keep you rolling. Thanks a lot !