February 14, 2010

Rare Sojourn…

Soft breeze,
Endless water,
Pondering …

Yeah, what else!

Waves combed to your contours.
It seems the world has fallen in love with you.

Forgotten rains, melted crests,
Gushing past me.
 The cool calm reminisces,
Gushing inside me.

Your numerous smiles,
Of forgotten origins fly across.
One elixir,
A paragon of love unleashed.

Some agitation…
The Adam’s ale brewing,
Intoxicated, dancing to some wild tune,
Disturbing my impassioned thoughts.

The small swirls swell bigger,
And up comes one beauty.
Astonished, afraid,
 I retreat.

She sits by me,
Drying her tresses.
Myriad questions, tongue tied,
I gaze in disbelief.

And when she looked into my eyes,
More surprised she seemed.
Staring at me,
She made a brief greet.

I uttered hard:
Oh Mermaid!
Does water spirit really exist?
Those great tales of yore.
Vague chimera, another fantasy.
But now I see.

 Nodded delightedly,
 And then she bade.
Calling her back I asked,
 The purpose of rare sojourn we had.

To my curiosity
Of being at the brim
Heard of late,
She sang this hymn,
Oh Gal!
Does Love really exist?
Those great tales of yore.
Vague chimera, another fantasy.
But now I see.

One’s life,
Another’s folklore.
Smiles, further smiles,
And both plunged into life once more.

Waves combed to your contours.
Yes, the world has fallen in love with you.

Arm around my shoulder
And softly you say,
Come, let’s go home
Getting dark by the bay!

~Possessed by Artist~


Anirban Chakraborty said...

Tuli, You are LOVE.

You came into my life as a virtual being, became friends, became best friends....

You are my universe, sweetheart.

Everyday is a Valentine's Day with you.

I love You.

ABHISHEK SiM said...

"One’s life,
Another’s folklore."

:) :) :)

ANWESA said...

One of your best verses Tulika !

I'm still under the spell of the last two lines.

anubhavb said...

"One’s life,
Another’s folklore."

s.H.a.S.h.I said...

tht was so beautiful... really nice..

Destiny's child... said...

Beautiful is not the has to be intriguing...just like the mermaid...lovely :)

Ritvik said...

nice one......... again....

u r rocking babe... ;)

Thousif Raza said...

its beautiful... its more than beautiful.... amazing work

its legen....... 'wait for it'.....dary stuff (stole it from H.I.M.Y.M :P)

take care and keep writing............

The Holy Lama said...

A brush with fantasy- a bit too confused. You seem to be possessed.

"A paragon of love unleashed."
Even with poetic license, this is a bit out of place usage.

"She sang this hymn,Oh Gal!" When you say hym, you use classic style and then Oh! Gal is just unpolished to use in same breath.
The poem has a clash of styles.

Always write in one style, use simpler words, verbiage is not appreciated much. Tulika, you have calibre. Course your creative efforts well.

Saras said...

While eloquence is a talent, brevity is an Art! You are very talented and nearly there! I loved this piece.

Bikram said...


Excellent POEM.. dont have many words to justify the poem..

you are indeed very talented..
Hope to see my mermaid soon tooo :)

Tulika said...

@ Lattu:

Ahem Ahem ;)

Tulika said...

@ Sim & Anubhav:


Tulika said...

@ Anwesa di:

Thanks a lot. Its amazing to hear that.

Hope to stun you again :D

Tulika said...

@ Shashi:
Thanks :)

@ Destiny's Child:
Lovely words.. Thanks :)

Tulika said...

@ Ritivk:


Manners bachche. :P

Tulika said...

@ Holy Lama:

Verbiage is something that has never appealed me personally and I think this work is real simple emotional gush.
About the style, this has been somewhat an amalgamation of 2 antagonistic worlds with a backdrop of present time. Its a tale without the vintage element. So, despite using hymn I have used the some popular terms. Maybe I'm not much of a convincing writer I reckon.

Nonetheless, million Thanks. I really appreciate the kind of suggestions you have come up with.
I hope to be read more by you.

Tulika said...

@ Thousif:

You are really generous with those words. Great compliments every time. Thanks.

@ Saras:

Great. Beautiful comment.

@ Bikram:

Thank you so much.
Best wishes with your mermaid.
Elated with the appreciation.

The Holy Lama said...

You explained quite well your stand and the diplomacy of the words is a real winner for one as young as you. Hope to see you become an acclaimed writer.