October 15, 2010


A familiar fragrance grows on you
the light smoke
sketching an aura divine.
The vivid vermillion around
spreads strong.
And walking through the string of diyas

I stand before her;

Image by: Anirban Chakraborty


Anirban said...

Tuli, this is one of your best, till date.

Your poems give me goosebumps, everytime.

ANWESA said...

Comes on Durgashtami - one of the most important days of the Puja.

Well timed, brilliantly put and an awesome pic from the artist.

Happy Durga Puja to you both !

Chaos said...

the reverberating bells... the heat from a thousand neon lights...the air suffused with pink and gold hues...
amazing work!

anubhavcam said...

Goosebumps indeed - great poem and amazing photography...

@ Anirban - looking forward to some pujo pics :)

The Peripatetic Nomad said...

goosebumps - truly...

wildflower said...

Wow post & picture! :)

Tulika said...

@ Lattu:

Best? Seriously? I am ecstatic !!!

@ Anwesa di:
Happy Durga Puja to you too !!

Thanks a lot for appreciating. :)

@ Priyala:
Thanks a lot gal!
Yes, there's a lot which could have been put. It's one of the most vibrant times of the year.

@ Anubhav:
Thank you :)

@ SiM:
Really? I am thrilled as well.

@ Wildflower:
Thanks :)

दीपशिखा वर्मा / DEEPSHIKHA VERMA said...


Suresh Kumar said...

Just returned from seeing devi durga...
Nice poem to refresh my experience...

Naina said...

i could actually smell the incense sticks! really amazing!!

Thousif Raza said...

superb as usual :)

take care an dkeep writing...........

mohdhafifi said...

come here from Malaysia